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Apartment – Kisfaludy 55L

Lakóház – Leonardo 86L

Corvin Udvar Kft. has ordered from our company the general construction works of a 55-apartment condominium building at Kisfaludy utca 23-25. in the 8th district of Budapest. The investor aimed for a high quality of construction, airy design and the best possible orientation of the apartments. The classic downtown condominium project was realized with the locally typical closed-concave construction (with a slotted wall to define the working space and to support the adjacent building). The 10-storey building has a 2-storey underground garage, a green roof terrace, a lift and an inner courtyard. From one-room garages to penthouses with standing galleries, the apartments in the condominium have been built in a variety of layouts and sizes. The building is air-conditioned by means of ceiling-integrated surface cooling and heating.

Square area:

5500 m2



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