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Gyermelyi Zrt.

Gyermelyi Zrt.

In 2016, Gyermelyi Zrt. expanded its Somodorpuszta crop production centre with a modern agricultural centre to meet the long-term needs of the sector. The 7.2-hectare site, located in the centre of the cultivated areas, allows for the proper maintenance and professional storage of precision farming machinery. Within the framework of this project, our company constructed a seed and finished goods warehouse building as well as a machine repair workshop and machine workshop for the client. The project was completed with the construction of a seed storage building in Tök. Bernecker Zrt. was responsible for the complete construction of 5 buildings on the two sites.

In 2017, Gyermelyi Zrt. approached us for the realisation of a new development, this time for the steel structure construction works of the feed mixing plant being built at the company’s headquarters. The first phase of the project consisted of the construction of a 37-metre lightweight 9-storey tower building covered with insulated panels, which was completed in parallel with the installation of the equipment and machinery.

Square area:

9760 m2


2016, 2017

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