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Mediso Ltd. is a Hungarian company specializing in medical imaging, which has established a new R&D and manufacturing facility in Budapest to meet the needs of the global market. The site development included the renovation of 7,300 m2 of existing plant and offices, the construction of a new hall of approximately 2,300 m2 and the complete road and utility reconstruction of an area of approximately 36,000 m2. The main challenges of the project were the complexity of the investment and the challenges of the change of function of the building, where former office space was converted into production (radiation-protected) areas for the manufacture of imaging equipment such as MR/CT devices. As a general contractor, we were also involved to some extent in the design work: we had to modify the existing construction plans and we prepared the complete interior and utility network design. At the same time, we invested a lot of energy in cost efficiency and improved the cost of the project for our client through our technical modifications (VALUE ENGINEERING).

Square area:

8800 m2



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