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WIZZAIR Training and Simulator Centre

WIZZAIR Training and Simulator Centre

Wizz Air has decided to open the Wizz Air Flight Simulation and Training Centre near Liszt Ferenc Airport in order to continuously expand and train its aircrew. The training centre is equipped with a full Airbus A320 aircraft simulator, allowing pilots to practice in realistic situations. The complete development of the building, from design to full handover, was carried out for Wizzair by WING Zrt. The main criteria for the design of the building was the integration of training and simulation functions. WING Zrt. commissioned us to carry out the complete construction of the building and to obtain the occupancy permit. The client particularly emphasised the need for the building to be constructed quickly and cost-effectively. During the tendering process, it was a great advantage that we came up with a number of cost-saving ideas (VALUE ENGINEERING), so that the building could be completed on time and on budget in line with the client’s expectations. The interior design aimed at the level of office and educational facilities meeting the most modern technological and aesthetic requirements. The main challenge of the project was the extremely tight delivery schedule: we had only 7 months from the start of the work to the commissioning.

Square area:

3744 m2



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